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California Coast Freediving

California Coast Freediving

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Learn to freedive along the California coastline. Dive into kelp forests and watch the sunlight filter down to the sea floor. Meet friendly otters, playful seals and curious sea lions. This class includes a full day (a land class plus two 2-hour freediving sessions) in the Special Marine Reserve at San Carlos beach in Monterey.

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If you book a private class, you can come by yourself or bring up to 3 other people at no extra charge (so maximum group size 4), and nobody else will be added to your group. If you book for "myself" or "myself + buddy", you will be in a class of up to 4 people. We always limit the class to 4 people or fewer to make sure everyone gets enough dive time and attention. On weekdays you can only book privately or for yourself plus a buddy.

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