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Photon Fins

Photon Blades

Photon Blades

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Photon's blades are 100% aerospace-grade carbon fiber.

Painstakingly composed of multiple layers less than a millimeter thick, these blades return 100% of the energy transferred to them by the freediver, making ascent effortless from even the deepest dives.

These blades are extremely durable and will maintain their elasticity through millions of strokes, unlike plastic and fiberglass blades. 

These blades are much lighter than plastic and fiberglass blades of the same length, meaning you'll experience significantly less lactic acid buildup in your legs during deep dives.

These blades are so light that your feet can float on the surface while you are breathing up.


Stiffness is measured in micrometers at the blade's tip. Our softest blades are only 440 micrometers (0.44 millimeters) thick at the tip, while our hardest blades are 50% thicker, 660 micrometers at the tip.

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